Migrating beyond Java 8

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Are your applications running on Java 8? Thinking about switching your application to run on Java 11 or Java 12 and wondering about where to start? Come to this session to learn about the most significant changes that went into Java 11 and 12 that will impact your application migration. Topics will include the removal of APIs (such as Java EE packages) and behavior changes resulting from moving an application from running on Java 8 to running on Java 11 and 12. Then, learn about tools to use that will help you identify potential issues within your application and how to resolve them.

Комментарий программного комитета:

Автор уникального инструмента, который автоматически определяет проблемные места при переходе из Java 8 на Java 11.

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Dalia Abo Sheasha

Dalia Abo Sheasha is the development lead for the IBM WebSphere Migration Tools. Her team develops several migration tools that deal with a variety of scenarios including Java SE migrations and on-premise to cloud migrations. Dalia has worked on WebSphere for 5 years starting her career with the EJB team and transitioning to the JPA team where she contributed to the open-source projects: EclipseLink and OpenJPA.