Condy? NestMates? Constable? Understanding JDK 11 & 12's JVM features

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New JDK release, new JVM features — interested in what’s changed in the JVM? Learn why ConstantDynamic (Condy) and NestMates are essential JVM features to enable Java’s continued evolution.

Wondering what a Constable is and how you’d use it? Come to this session to learn what’s changed in the JVM in JDK11 and JDK12 and why you should care.

Комментарий программного комитета:

Рассказ ведущего архитектора OpenJ9 и члена экспертной группы JSR 292 (invokedynamic) о реализации функциональности ConstantDynamic/Constable в JVM.

Dan Heidinga

Dan Heidinga wears two hats: first as an Eclipse OpenJ9 project lead, and the second as IBM's JVM J9 VM Architect. Fortunately, both of those hats let him hack on the OpenJ9 JVM which he's been doing since 2007. Along the way he's represented IBM on multiple JSRS include JSR 292 ("invokedynamic") and JSR 335 ("lambda"). He currently has his hands in most new JVM features and all major Java releases. In the past, he's spent entirely too long staring at Java bytecode while maintaining the verifier and still enjoys an occasional detour into Smalltalk development.