Glimpse into Alibaba Dragonwell: Towards a Java runtime for cloud computing

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Alibaba Dragonwell, which has been open-sourced in this March by Alibaba, aims at a Java runtime scalable in the cloud, supporting a variety of application scenarios covering e-commerce, logistics, and e-finance.

In this talk, we will describe the challenges in scaling different mixes of applications in the cloud and the solutions we are introducing in Alibaba Dragonwell and discuss how the characterization of our Java workloads would guide us to implement these features. While your workloads are different, the thought process we went through could be useful for you too.

Комментарий программного комитета:

Разработчик Alibaba Dragonwell расскажет про функции, которые они добавили к OpenJDK для более эффективной работы облачных сервисов Alibaba.

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Sanhong Li
Sanhong Li

Sanhong Li is a JVM lead at Alibaba. He has been working on Java since 2004, where he began at Intel Asia-Pacific R&D Lab implementing JSR135. He joined IBM in 2008 to improve runtime security on OSGi platform. He progressed to working on the development of IBM's Java Virtual Machine in 2010, where he led a project to develop multi-tenancy technology for the JVM.

In 2014, he joined Alibaba to lead the development of Alibaba JDK, a customized OpenJDK version. Sanhong Li has presented at local and international conferences such as JVM language summit, JavaOne and QCon. He co-leads Shanghai Java User Group and co-chairs APMCon. He has authored over 10 technical papers and a number of technical patents.