Armeria: A microservice framework well-suited everywhere

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Armeria is an open-source Java HTTP/2 microservice framework written by the team which is led by the founder of Netty project. This session introduces its unique features that will make your microservice life easier than ever.

Are you looking to integrate your gRPC or Thrift services with your favorite components such as HAProxy, Prometheus, Zipkin and Spring WebFlux? Do you want a web console like Swagger and Postman for gRPC and Thrift? Are you fed up with the complexity of sidecars and proxies? Do you have a legacy service you want to migrate to modern async RPC? Do you need to serve gRPC, Thrift, REST, static files and even Servlets together?

If any of these questions intrigue you, this talk is definitely worth your time. Come and learn the philosophy behind Armeria and how it fixes your microservice headaches from concise examples.

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Рассказ из первых уст о фреймворке для построения микросервисов.

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Trustin Lee
LINE+ Corporation

Trustin Lee is a software engineer who is often known as the founder of Netty project, the most popular asynchronous networking framework in JVM ecosystem. He enjoys designing frameworks and libraries which yield the best experience to developers. At LINE+ corporation, the company behind "LINE" the top mobile messenger in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand, he builds various open-source software, such as a microservice framework Armeria and a distributed configuration repository Central Dogma, to facilitate the adoption of microservice architecture.