Concurrent Garbage collectors: ZGC & Shenandoah

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Java 11/12 introduced two new Garbage Collectors: ZGC and Shenandoah. The main objective of these two new GCs is to reduce GC pauses to only few milliseconds (and possibly under a millisecond), therefore solving once and for all the GC problem.

This session will present these two new GCs, how to use them, how to configure them, how they work and an initial discussion on their performances.

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Рассказ про основные особенности low-latency garbage collectors в OpenJDK.

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Simone Bordet

Simone Bordet is a Jetty Committer, the CometD project leader and a Java Champion. Simone works as Lead Architect at Webtide, the company that provides support and services for Jetty and CometD. Active open source developer, he founded and contributed to various open source projects such as Jetty, CometD, MX4J, Foxtrot, LiveTribe, and others.

Simone has been technical speaker at various national and international conferences such as Devoxx, JavaOne, CodeMotion, etc., and is a co-lead of the Java User Group of Torino, Italy. Simone specializes in server-side multi-thread development, EE application development, in Comet technologies applied to web development, web network protocols (HTTP, WebSocket, SPDY, HTTP/2) and in high performance JVM tuning.