Talks Joker 2019

Josh Long Pivotal
Josh Long
Day 1 / 14:00  / Track 1 / EN

Bootiful testing

Join Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long (@starbuxman) as he looks at how to test Spring applications and services.

Mark Heckler Pivotal/VMware
Mark Heckler
Day 1 / 16:00  / Track 2 / EN

Spring Security for N00bz: A quick introduction for the terminally insecure

Built with Java & Spring, Spring Security is a proven, fully OSS solution for end to end application security. This session provides an introduction to defense in depth & a live-coding exploration of how to secure your apps now & maintain their security over time using 100% open source software.

Cay Horstmann San José State University
Cay Horstmann
San José State University 
Day 1 / 17:30  / Track 2 / EN

Feature evolution in Java 13 and beyond

The focus of this talk is not just a list of new features, but a deep dive into how the features evolve. The audience will learn how to monitor the development process, predict deliverables, and gauge when vigorous feedback is most likely to be successful.

Gerrit Grunwald Karakun AG
Gerrit Grunwald
Karakun AG 
Day 1 / 10:30  / Track 4 / EN

Not dead yet — Java on desktop

Many people think Java on desktop is dead... Gerrit will try to open their eyes.

Juergen Hoeller Pivotal
Juergen Hoeller
Josh Long Pivotal
Josh Long
Day 1 / 10:30  / Track 1 / EN

Reactive Spring revisited

Reactive programming is at the beginning of its journey. Long and Hoeller will be your guides to the world of Spring Framework and Spring Boot and will show how to build reactive microservices.

Sebastian Daschner IBM
Sebastian Daschner
Day 1 / 14:00  / Track 2 / EN

Striving towards more productive development workflows

In his talk Sebastian will speak about how to make more productive development workflows.

Sergey Kuksenko Oracle
Sergey Kuksenko
Day 2 / 16:30  / Track 1 / RU

Does Java need "inline" types? What project Valhalla can bring to Java from a narrow view of performance engineer

We will talk about which performance benefits value types bring to Java and how we could exploit it.

Stephen Chin JFrog
Stephen Chin
Day 2 / 18:00  / Track 1 / EN

Decrypting tech hype for the busy coder

Come hear straight talk about the latest trends such as blockchain, chatbots, serverless, CD pipelines, AI, and machine learning. In 45 minutes you will know more than your average redditor, and you can shut down tweet-driven development in your workplace once and for all.

Juergen Hoeller Pivotal
Juergen Hoeller
Day 1 / 17:30  / Track 1 / EN

Spring Framework 5.2: Core container revisited

This talk focuses on core facilities for optimized application architectures in modern deployment environments, with support for Java as well as Kotlin, as a foundation for higher-level features in Spring Data and Spring Boot.

Oleh Dokuka Netifi, Inc
Oleh Dokuka
Netifi, Inc 
Day 1 / 12:00  / Track 2 / RU

Tuning performance of your reactive app

Did you experience performance issues even though Spring Reactor promised to improve it? No worries! We will figure out what went wrong and how to fix it!

Cliff Click CRATUS
Cliff Click
Day 1 / 12:00  / Track 4 / EN

The Sea of Nodes and the HotSpot JIT

Cliff Click will open the world of compilers and HotSpot "C2" JIT.

Baruch Sadogursky JFrog
Baruch Sadogursky
Day 1 / 19:00  / Track 1 / RU

DevOps for developers (or maybe against them?!)

We'll discuss why developers need (or need not) DevOps.

Sanhong Li Alibaba
Sanhong Li
Day 2 / 16:30  / Track 4 / EN

Glimpse into Alibaba Dragonwell: Towards a Java runtime for cloud computing

In this talk, you will hear about the challenges in scaling different mixes of applications in the cloud and the solutions in Alibaba Dragonwell.

Dalia Abo Sheasha IBM
Dalia Abo Sheasha
Day 1 / 16:00  / Track 3 / EN

Migrating beyond Java 8

Learn about the breaking changes that went into Java since Java 8 and tools to help you find migration issues when migrating from Java 8 to Java 11 or 12.

Oleg Nenashev CloudBees
Oleg Nenashev
Day 2 / 16:30  / Track 3 / RU

Java 11 support in Jenkins. Our war story

This is the story about how we implemented Java support in Jenkins — one of the most popular automation servers for CI/CD. This talk's purpose is to show what problems we encountered in big real-life Maven project and how we solved them. This talk doesn't concern Jenkins in and of itself, rather it's aimed at developers planning to switch to Java 11.

Simone Bordet Webtide
Simone Bordet
Day 2 / 16:30  / Track 2 / EN

Concurrent Garbage collectors: ZGC & Shenandoah

In this session, attendees will learn about two new garbage collectors, how they work and where they can be used.

Gunnar Morling Red Hat, Inc.
Gunnar Morling
Red Hat, Inc. 
Day 2 / 11:00  / Track 3 / EN

Practical change data streaming use cases with Apache Kafka and Debezium

During this session you will learn about the connection between Apache Kafka, change data capture and Debezium, how to utilize these tools in microservices architectures and much more.

Thomas Wuerthinger Oracle
Thomas Wuerthinger
Day 1 / 10:30  / Track 3 / EN

Maximizing performance with GraalVM

The talk will discuss how different trade-offs can be chosen using either GraalVM JIT or GraalVM AOT as well as other options and flags.

Simon Ritter Azul Systems
Simon Ritter
Azul Systems 
Day 1 / 12:00  / Track 1 / EN

Keeping up with Java: Look at all these new features!

During this talk, we'll discuss the significant new features added to Java since JDK 9 and also will have a look at the status of longer-term futures.

Sergey Egorov Pivotal
Sergey Egorov
Day 2 / 14:30  / Track 3 / RU

Testcontainers: Year later

So much new is happening in the Testcontainers topic and developers simply don't have time to keep on top of the latest changes and features but don't worry — Sergey will tell all key details of releases and give a brief outline of the topic for the beginners.

Dan Heidinga IBM
Dan Heidinga
Day 2 / 14:30  / Track 2 / EN

Condy? NestMates? Constable? Understanding JDK 11 & 12's JVM features

Come to Dan's session if you want to know about new JVM features and what's changed in new JDK release.

Alexey Andreev Delightex
Alexey Andreev
Day 1 / 16:00  / Track 4 / RU

TeaVM: Difficulties of compilation from Java to JavaScript

This talk will focus on TeaVM in production, what are Java in JS compiling problems, what kind of optimization we should use.

Burr Sutter Red Hat
Burr Sutter
Red Hat 
Day 1 / 12:00  / Track 3 / EN

Java scaled to zero

Java optimized for Microservices & Serverless architectures.

Tagir Valeev JetBrains
Tagir Valeev
Day 2 / 12:30  / Track 1 / RU

Java 9-14: Small Optimizations

This talk is about small optimizations in very basic and ubiquitous classes (such as String, ArrayList, HashSet), which were brought into life after Java 8 release and which make our life better.

Dmitry Pisklov Chronicle Software
Dmitry Pisklov
Chronicle Software 
Day 2 / 11:00  / Track 2 / RU

Microservices: Single digit microseconds latency — friends and foes

Common and less-known pitfalls and some ways to avoid those on a way to the ultra-low latency microservice architecture.

Evgeny Borisov Naya Technologies
Evgeny Borisov
Naya Technologies 
Kirill Tolkachev CIAN
Kirill Tolkachev
Day 2 / 11:00  / Track 1 / RU

Spring Reactive Ripper

Kirill and Evgeny will tell how to painless implement React on your project and what problems you should be considered during refactoring.

Dmitry Konstantinov Netcracker
Dmitry Konstantinov
Day 1 / 17:30  / Track 3 / RU

Cassandra — stories from the life of performance engineer

This talk will mainly focus on Apache Cassandra, its performance, inner problems and benefits.

Remi Forax University Paris East Marne la Vallee
Remi Forax
University Paris East Marne la Vallee 
Day 2 / 11:00  / Track 4 / EN

The sinuous path toward Valhalla

The talk will be devoted to the Valhalla project and when do we expect it in the main OpenJDK branch.

Yuri Artamonov JetBrains
Yuri Artamonov
Day 1 / 14:00  / Track 3 / RU

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin DevKit Crash Course

Yuriy will talk about IntelliJ IDEA Plugin DevKit, how to develop a plugin for Java framework out and don't die in the process.

Juan Fumero The University of Manchester
Juan Fumero
The University of Manchester 
Day 2 / 12:30  / Track 4 / EN

TornadoVM: A virtual machine for exploiting high performance heterogeneous hardware of Java programs

The talk about TornadoVM — a plugin to OpenJDK that allows Java developers to automatically execute Java programs on Heterogeneous hardware, such as multi-core systems, GPUs, and FPGAs.

Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski Plumbr
Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski
Day 2 / 12:30  / Track 2 / RU

Application streaming is not only a code, but 3-4 years of support in production

In this talk Nikita will tell how to operate a streaming application in production.

Vladimir Ozerov Hazelcast
Vladimir Ozerov
Day 1 / 10:30  / Track 2 / RU

How does multithreading in Hazelcast work

Let;s talk about about multithreading in Hazelcast.

Oleg Anastasiev  Odnoklassniki
Oleg Anastasiev
Day 2 / 14:30  / Track 1 / RU

Efficient and reliable microservices

We'll cover the advantages of combining business logic with database, discuss how this technique affects reliability and accessibility of services and how it allowed us to make our services considerably faster.

Roberto Cortez Talkdesk
Roberto Cortez
Day 1 / 14:00  / Track 4 / EN

GraalVM and MicroProfile: A polyglot microservices solution

This session shows how GraalVM can help developers to integrate MicroServices and other parts of your application. By using MicroProfile, the session will also show how the same libraries can be reused across multiple services written in different languages.

Jacek Kunicki SoftwareMill
Jacek Kunicki
Day 2 / 14:30  / Track 4 / EN

ScalaTest: You're asserting it wrong

Jacek will talk about ScalaTest framework and how to make your assertions sound better.

Trustin Lee LINE+ Corporation
Trustin Lee
LINE+ Corporation 
Day 2 / 12:30  / Track 3 / EN

Armeria: A microservice framework well-suited everywhere

Do you want to know about new microservice framework "Armeria"? Trustin Lee will explain you what it is and how it's solving problems in microservices architecture.

Nikita Koval JetBrains
Nikita Koval
Day 1 / 16:00  / Track 1 / RU

Testing concurrent algorithms with Lincheck

The talk about testing concurrent algorithms, how Lincheck helps (spoiler: it's indispensable in JVM world) and a little about its internal structure.

Ionut Balosin Raiffeisen Bank International AG
Ionut Balosin
Raiffeisen Bank International AG 
Day 1 / 17:30  / Track 4 / EN

A race of two compilers: GraalVM JIT versus HotSpot JIT C2. Which one offers better runtime performance?

Checking the efficiency of the new, state of the art, GraalVM JIT Compiler in comparison to JIT C2. A side by side comparison from a performance standpoint on the same source code.