IntelliJ IDEA Plugin DevKit Crash Course

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In the life of every specialist there comes the moment when something is missing in all existing tools. Either the IDE vendor doesn't implement the feature, or framework was invented to one's cost, but they didn't think about the tools. Enough to endure it, let's go and implement it.

In this talk, Yuriy will tell you how to quickly figure out Plugin DevKit and write something useful without dying under the load of the of new knowledge. Let's bring the technological singularity closer, sharpening our instrument.

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Yuri Artamonov

For the last few years, Yuriy has played an integral role in the CUBA Platform development team and contributed a lot to the platform architecture design, specializing in front end technologies. As part of my academic activities, he mentored applied math students from Samara University.

Currently, working at IntelliJ IDEA Team of JetBrains and trying to bring new useful tools to developers daily routine.